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Grooming your beard regularly is one of the best ways to ensure that it grows healthily. With the current increase of competition between the best beard products that can help you groom your beard, it is difficult to choose between beard balm and beard oil, especially when they are both in the same beard kit. Since both products shine and moisturize the beards, it is not uncommon to see people finding it hard to choose either the beard oil, the beard balm, or both. Though both products are similar, you must also know which one is pertinent for you and which is not, especially when both products can produce the same results.

What is Beard Oil?

Beard Oil is an important beard grooming product that consists of various essential oils including Virgin Argan Oil and Pure Jojoba Oil. The beard oil works to add moisture to the beard and gives the beard a long-lasting shine. 

The beard oil is a great product for people with short beard as it aids hair retention, reduces itches and flaking, and increases beard texture and volume. Marley Men’s argan and jojoba infused beard oil is particularly formulated to strengthen the beards and prevent them from breakage. 

What is Beard Balm?

Beard Balm is a super product for men with medium and thick beards. Beard balm serves as a moisturizer, conditioner, and softener. Marley Men’s Shine Beard Balm is an incredible beard moisturizer made possible by quality ingredients that gives the beard the taming power it needs. The beard balm stays longer than the beard oil, hence gives long-lasting moisture.

When to use Beard Oil

It is recommended to start using beard oil from the early stages of growth (1-3 months). This is due to …..Applying beard oil every morning and night, coupled with combing/brushing would immensely aid beard growth and texture which would in turn make beard even more manageable when it’s fuller.

When to use Beard Balm

Beard Balm includes wax that makes it heavier. It is recommended to use the balm when the beard is becoming fuller, thicker, and longer, as it will help to control hair loss and maintain moisture and also condition the hair. 

Beard Oil VS Beard Balm – Comparison

  1. Beard oil is a liquid, so it is best for humid months because it absorbs more easily than beard balm.
  2. Balm moisturizes and holds your beard in place. Oil, on the other hand, provides hold only if your beard is slightly shorter than medium-length.
  3. If your hair is extremely unruly, a balm is a better option than oil because it will keep it in place.

If you are unsure of which of the products to use, it is usually a very good bet to go with both products. There is no harm in giving your beards maximum love.

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Okeowo Sunday

Nice article, well written.