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Beard Brush


Beard Brush with 100% Boar Bristles


Product Benefits: Beard Care, Beard Grooming, Beard Shining.

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Be victorious in the beard grooming battle. Marley Men’s Boar Bristle Brush is your unmatched secret weapon. No beard stands a chance at being unkempt with this expertly designed brush in your hand. Made of 100% firm, natural wild boar bristles and an oval black wood body, it is designed with an ideal shape that will fit in the palm of your hand perfectly. Effortless facial hair grooming is in your future. Ideal for men who like simple beard tidying techniques, this brush delivers you tangle-free hair while also cleaning and softening. With each stroke, the firm boar hair works to carry your skin’s natural oil from root to tip. They also work to lift and remove any dirt as well as grime from your hair. This process leaves your beard shiny and clean.

To further increase the benefits of this brush, your skin is effectively exfoliated due to the process of dispersing its natural oils. The benefits do not stop there; this is a beard battle tool that keeps you triumphantly winning. On top of brushing, cleaning and softening, this brush can be used in the proper application of balms and oils. Never have clumps of beard product in your beard or un-oiled spots of hair. Makes it easy to apply your favourite products, such as beard oil, beard wax, beard lotion or beard creams and conditioners.

When you are armed with this brush, no product will ever go to waste and your facial hair will always look distinguished.

This product is best used with our full kit. However, you can still see amazing results when only used.

About this item:

This boar bristled beard brush will reach hair at every length, thereby helping the even distribution of beard oil and balm. It helps to gently massage the skin underneath which gets rid of dead skin and increases blood flow to your hair follicles.

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